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How it all began...

  Oliver George Richardson has over 14 years experience as a professional Sculptor.  Based in the beautiful County of Durham in the North East of England.

   He was first introduced to wood working as a child while growing up and in later life working on farms, this also gave him a good insight to the natural form of animals both wild and domestic. He still to this day has strong links with Agriculture.

   Wanting to follow a creative career path, Oliver studied 3D Design at college and then gained a Bachelor of Arts design degree from Northumbria University. 


   Oliver's creative career started when he gained entry to the Automotive Design Industry. Beginning his journey at Jaguar Land Rover, he was taught the traditional skills of clay sculpting and model making, turning a designers sketch into a full size or quarter size clay model of a car, changing the design daily while maintaining a high quality finish and making sure it met engineering specifications. As Oliver's skills advanced he went on to complete projects for several of the world's biggest Automotive companies, working around the UK, Germany and China.

  It was from learning these skills and understanding how to create a three-dimensional form, that allowed Oliver in 2012 to start teaching himself wood carving in his spare time, first as a hobby and then by 2016 he had completed his first commission.  It then became a passion as he created more of his own designs, a passion that turned into a business.

Over the years he has completed many carvings and wood working projects, both commission based and his own pieces, which have sold around the UK.

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