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Wildlife Sculpture's

A collection showcasing finely sculpted animals from British wildlife. 


Strolling Stag

A lone Stag strolls across a windswept moor.

This was one of my own creations, I wanted to show the Stag in all its elegant form. Using a mix of woods and ethically sourced Antler, a beautiful contrast in colours and textures highlight the fine stature of the Stag, a true iconic symbol of our British wildlife.

Materials used: Purple heart, Walnut, Ash & Antler.


The Proud Stag, looking regal and at peace, laid down. This was one of my first commissions.

Made from Lime wood, on a Purple Heart Plinth with Antlers made from Walnut.


Paddle with the family.

A family of mallard ducks take a paddle along a beck. A commission piece, where a restricted size was given but the design was left open to the imagination. As an idea of scale, the ducklings each measure 2cm in length. 

Ducks were made from Ash on a Purple Heart base, foraged branches & twigs used as debris.


European Otter - commission piece. 

Made from Lime wood and mounted on a knotty piece of Elm. 

Just over 40cm in length.

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