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Pet Sculptures

Any pet lover and owner will tell you, they are not only an animal they are a member of the family. A sculpture can be a representation of this love for pets past and present.


Pebbles the Cockapoo

'Pebbles' a bouncy, happy Cockapoo, commissioned by her owners, she now sits on the mantlepiece watching over the real-life Pebbles bounce around the living room.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon, small but full of character. Commissioned by a farmer to give to his wife on her birthday.

Made from Lime wood on an Elm plinth. Usually, I let the woods grain show, but on this occasion some white dye just added that extra bit of life to the piece.


Cockapoo - Mabel

Second commission of a Cockapoo, the client commissioned her as a surprise Christmas present for his wife. 

Made from Cherry wood, mounted on a Sweet-Chestnut plinth.

Border Collie

In the early 80's a farmer won many a sheep dog trials with his beloved Collie dog, a fine worker on the farm too. Now, he has those memories captured in a sculpture to remember days gone by.

Made from Lime wood on an Elm base, mixed timbers were used to construct the Dry-stone wall.



'Governor' a pet horse that's been the pride and joy for a riding family for 31years. Commissioned by the horse's owners' mother as a 50th birthday present.

Made from Cherry wood, thats been charred in areas to show black hair, mounted on a Beech plinth.

Max - German Shepherd

Max, the loveable German Shepherd, running along with his favourite toy in his mouth.

Commission piece - Made from English Oak on a maple plinth. Oak has been charred to create the Black in the coat.



A Beagle Bitch, secretly commissioned by a grandson for his Grandmother.

Made from African Satin wood, with a range of dyes added to get the coat markings. Mounted on a Elm plinth. 

Bruno - Great Dane cross Ridgeback

Bruno in seated position with his collar on.

Commission piece - Made from African Satin wood on a Yew plinth. light dye use has been added to create the markings in the coat.

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