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Below are sculptures where a whole scene has been created, like a painted landscape but three dimensional and made from wood. 


Steady over the bridge now lass.

One of my own creations, showing a Shire horse and Northumbrian style tipper Cart being led over a stone bridge.

A wide variety of timbers have been used to show plenty of contrasting shapes and colours. different timbers have been individually shaped to create the bridge. below the bridge a Resin stream flows, with a subtle use of colours to show the flow. Brass & rawhide have been used as the reins and linkages and the black harnesses are made from Ebony Veneer. The Hand carved horse is made from Maple.

Size: Length 53cm, Width 38cm and height 26cm.

Price: £2025.00 + Shipping (please get in touch to discuss purchase options)

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