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Farming Sculptures

Having been raised on a farm and with family still in the industry, farming is in my blood. I love to carve animals that have been part of my life and that are a beautiful sight in our countryside. 


Highland Cow.

An Ancient British breed stands strong and proudly next to an eroded monument of our farming past, the dry-stone wall an art form in itself. 

Mix of woods including Oak, Lime, Pine & Ash.

'Tufty' The Aberdeen Angus

'Tufty' so called by small tuft of hair that sticks up on her head. A commission piece for a farmer to give to his daughter, based on their shared love of their long serving Aberdeen Angus cow.


Guernsey Cow

A gentle and peaceful cow lays down to rest. This was a commission piece for a farming family who tragically lost their son in his prime. His favourite breed of cattle was the Guernsey, this piece was made as a fitting tribute to remember him by.

This was made from Lime wood on an Elm base.

Charolais Bull

Strong and beautiful is the Charolais Bull. Two commissions came from this Sculpture, one for a local farmer to present to his retired father in memory of his favourite bull. The second was by the owners of the Bull who was used as reference in the making of the sculptures.


Beef Shorthorn Bull

A commission piece made for a Farmers Grand father. Standing strong, this Beef Shorthorn, an iconic British breed has been magnifically transformed into this beautiful sculpture. 

Made from Sweet Chestnut and finished in a clear varnish. Approximately 34cm in length.

Herdwick Tup Walking Stick

Meet 'Dexter' the loveable Herdwick pet tup. His owners had a beautiful stick that they wanted finished with a carving of Dexter putting on the top of.

Made from Ash and fitted with a Nickel Silver collar.


Belted Galloway Cow

A commission piece made for Derbyshire Show, to be used as a livestock trophy. The cow was based on one of their previous winners from the show.

Made from English Oak, that had been dyed Ebony and white and finished in a clear varnish. Approximately 35cm in length including the plinth.

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